Post-Placement Supervision

Following an adoption placement, adoptive families will undergo a post placement supervision period, typically a six-month period, during which your home study provider will conduct at least two post-placement visits. At least one of these visits must be in your home.

There may be additional post-placement supervision requirements by your placing state. Adoption Consultants will provide those additional required services in addition to the two required by the State of Nebraska. All reports will be forwarded to the necessary entity to meet your post-placement obligations.

The purpose of these visits is: 1) to gather basic health and adjustment information concerning the child placed with you 2) to assess the adjustment of the child to their new home and family 3) to assess the adjustment of the parents and other family members to the new family member 4) to provide support to your family.

These visits are not designed to scrutinize parents. Instead, they simply evaluate how all members of the family are responding to the placement and provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions and ensure they have all the resources and services they need. If there are areas in which you are struggling, it is okay to let your adoption worker know. He or she will be able to help you address any challenges you are facing and find any additional services or resources you need. Your adoption worker can likely answer many of your questions and shed light on some of the unique joys and challenges of adoptive parenting.