Adoption Consultants can conduct your home study if you are Nebraska resident. You will be sent a Home Study Application and a Home Study packet with explicit instructions concerning completing the paperwork necessary for the home study. The Nebraska adoption regulations require that we spend a total of six hours of time with you. This is usually done in three or four visits interviewing you, gathering information, and providing adoption educational material. From the time we receive your Home Study Application to the completion of your home study is usually six to ten weeks. The length of time can vary based upon your timely completion of paperwork and availability to meeting with your home study worker.
1Is Adoption Consultants able to conduct my homestudy?
Adoption Consultants is licensed in Nebraska as an adoption home study agency. If you are a resident of Nebraska and you are adopting either domestically or internationally, Adoption Consultants will conduct your home study. If you are a resident of Nebraska and adopting through an out-of-state agency or an attorney, Adoption Consultants will conduct your home study. If you are planning to adopt through another agency located in Nebraska, Adoption Consultants will conduct your home study only at this agency’s request. Nebraska law requires that a family have an approved home study prior to a child being placed with them for adoption.
2What is a home study and what can we expect?
A home study is a document to verify that you qualify to adopt a child. A home study is also an evaluative and educational process, which includes interviews, background checks, and adoption information. An adoption professional meets with you in your home to ask you about your background, values, relationships, finances, and your reasons for adopting. Your home is checked to make sure it is a safe place for a child to live. Various background and reference checks are conducted, and there is paperwork for you to complete. Families are required to complete either online adoption education or attend adoption seminars to increase their knowledge of adoption-related issues. Families are also provided articles to read specific to their adoption situation, as well as information about books, videos, and online resources.
3How long does a home study take to complete and how long does it stay current?
The average pre-placement adoption home study will take 6 to 10 weeks to complete. The length of time will vary due to background checks which are conducted by state or local agencies, and a family’s availability to schedule appointments and return paperwork. A home study stays current for one year. In addition, an international home study must be less than six months old when submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Services. Contact Adoption Consultants prior to your home study expiring to schedule a home study update meeting with your worker. This meeting will take place in your home and there is a fee for the updated home study.
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