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Nancy Morris, LCSW

Western & Central Nebraska



Barbara Swanson, CPC, LMHP

Western & Central Nebraska



Michelle Warner, LCSW

Eastern Nebraska






About our Adoption Agency

Adoption Consultants is a licensed adoption agency offering professional adoption home study and post-placement supervision services to Nebraska residents.  Nebraska families adopting internationally or domestically, through attorneys or other agencies, receive precise and timely handling of adoption paperwork.  Our clients enjoy personal service and we are committed to ensuring that our families are well educated about adoption issues.  Adoption Consultants is a 501© 3 organization, which means we are a nonprofit organization.  Our staff has over 50 years of combined adoption experience in Nebraska.

 Our Mission and Commitment

Our work is guided by the belief that every child deserves a loving family.  We will provide you with competent, caring and timely services.  Our knowledgeable staff, will work in partnership with you on your journey to parenthood.  We strive to make the adoption process more understandable and manageable for each of our clients.

How To Get Started

Please feel free to contact any of the staff at Adoption Consultants.  We would be happy to have a phone conversation, e-mail conversation, or a conversation in person with you to discuss your adoption plans.  It is often overwhelming to know where to begin.  Talking with a staff member will help educate you on your many options.  Following conversing with Adoption Consultants’ staff, an Application will be sent to you.  Or, please request an application online and return it to our office.  Upon receipt of your completed Application and home study fee, Adoption Consultants will send you a Home Study Packet.  At that time your Home Study worker will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

Services & Fees

Adoption Consultants is an adoption and child-placing agency assisting families throughout Nebraska.  All families are guaranteed access to services without regard to race, religion, age or socio-economic status. We provide comprehensive and flexible services to meet your needs through each step of the adoption process. We are pleased to offer the following services as we assist families to reach their goal of adoption:

Our services include home studies, pre-adoption education, seminars for those seeking to adopt, referral and assistance throughout the adoption process, and post-adoption supervision, counseling, and support.

International Adoptive Home Studies

$ 1,400.00

International Adoptive Home Studies with dossier paperwork

$ 1,600.00

Domestic Adoptive Home Studies

$ 1,200.00

Relative Adoptive Home Studies

$ 900.00

International Adoptive Home Study Update

$ 350.00

Domestic Adoptive Home Study Update

$ 250.00

International Post-Placement Supervision

$ 350.00

Domestic Post-Placement Supervision

$ 250.00

Domestic Post-Placement Supervision Interstate

$ 300.00

Home Study Addendum

$ 100.00

Adoption Consultation

$ 25.00 per hour

Adoption Educational Seminar

$ 75.00 per person

Adoption Related Counseling

$ 75.00 per hour

Mileage (if applicable)

$ .45 per mile

Travel Time (if applicable)

$ 10.00 per hour



Our Staff


Nancy Morris, LCSW – Western & Central Nebraska

205 Apache Drive, McCook, NE 69001

(308) 340-6242   nancy@adoptionconsultantsinc.org


Barbara Swanson, CPC, LMHP – Western & Central Nebraska

1021 Arthur Street, Holdrege, NE 68949

(308) 991-4702  barbara@adoptionconsultantsinc.org


Michelle Warner, LCSW – Eastern Nebraska

1702 S. 110th Street, Omaha, NE 68144

(402) 679-1807   michelle@adoptionconsultantsinc.org

Adoption Consultants’ staff has over fifty combined years of adoption experience in the areas of infant, domestic, international, private, and special needs adoption.

Professional Memberships

NAAA - Adoption Consultants is a member of the Nebraska Adoption Agencies Association.

Adoption Consultants Provides Assistance with Paperwork Necessary for Your Adoption

Adopting Internationally:

•  If you are adopting internationally we can provide you with forms and instructions for making application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). We can also provide you with Form DOJ-361 that Nebraska CIS requires in order to communicate with your home study or placing agency

•  We can also provide you with forms that are specific to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office for authentication and apostilles.  Each state has their own requirements and process and Nebraska has some specific forms that must be used for some documents.  http://www.sos.state.ne/business/notary/pdf/auth_docs.pdf.   Additionally, we review, file, and monitor the USCIS review process and ensure that you are always in compliance with U.S. government regulations.

Adopting Domestically

•  We will help co-ordinate your travel, placement, and return to Nebraska with your placing agency and your placing State’s Interstate Compact Office.

•  Adoption Consultants will serve as your “Receiving Agency” and co-ordinate necessary paperwork and post-placement supervision reports with the Nebraska Interstate Compact Office.


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